RBEF to award $60,000 in teacher grants this year. Applications due November 26, 2018.

Congratulations to the 2017 Teacher Grant recipients! We awarded $50,000 to teachers throughout RBUSD.

  • Standing Desks for Stand-Up Students - Dr. Tanaz Bruna, Tulita Elementary

  • Next Generation Science Lab - Christine Benoff, Beryl Elementary

  • Integrated STEM Instruction - Melissa Smith, Madison Elementary

  • Science Lab on the Go - Mary Vallejo, Adams Middle School

  • Middle School Drama Program - Valerie Pomella, Parras Middle School

  • Teaching Tolerance - Jessica Hooper, Parras Middle School

  • Classroom Recycling - Amy Beran, Parras Middle School

  • Upstanders for Health and the Environment - Bridget Gray, Parras Middle School

  • Equipping Science Students with 21st Century Skills for College and Beyond - Kate Hastings, Parras Middle School

  • Podcast Recording Kits for Real Research, Collaborative Creativity, and an Authentic Audience - Jessica Variz, RUHS

  • Sound and Projection System for Blackbox Theater Productions and Drama Classroom - Michelle Staab, RUHS

  • Discovering the Foundations of Motion - Matthew Keye, RUHS

  • National College Fair Trip at the Annaheim Convention Center - Shannon Rodriguez, RUHS

  • Lifelong Training for College and Job Readiness - Aimee Spector, RUHS

  • Cross-Curricular Integration Through Grammy Museum Field Trip - Unique Campa, Shores


RBEF is now accepting applications for teacher grants for the 2018-2019 school year this fall. We hope that you consider applying. 



Who Can Apply?

All certified personnel in the RBUSD can apply for an Innovative Teacher Mini-Grant. Proposals can be submitted by individual teachers, teams of teachers, or certificated district personnel serving K-12 students in RBUSD. 

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What is considered innovative?

In support of RBUSD's "From Kinder to College" initiative, RBEF will be funding grants for teachers with innovative plans for helping students become college ready. Grants should focus on new and creative approaches or programs for engaging students in college-going cultural experiences and integrating college readiness teaching and learning into the classroom. If your idea is focused on college readiness, has a meaningful and measurable outcome, enhances core curriculum, and benefits a large number of students (grade or subject level grants encouraged), your ideas would probably qualify. Send in an application and let us help you maximize your students' potential.


Download exemplary grant applications from previous years

Thank you for giving 50 high school students the opportunity to attend the National College Fair. It was an invaluable investment of time and money into these students’ journey to find the right college fit. Certainly, money well spent!
— Shannon Rodriguez, RUHS College Academic Counselor

Who Decides?

To make sure that the teacher mini grants are distributed fairly, a Grant Review Committee (made up of four or more educators, volunteers, and RBEF Board Members) will independently evaluate each application. Grant content will be measured against 100 criteria points and scores will be averaged across all reviewers.  Equity of distribution across schools will be a consideration. Mini-grants will go to the most compelling and clearly defined projects.

The application itself is simple and straightforward. Applicants are encouraged to take care to complete the application completely and clearly. Applications missing information will not be considered, so please make sure to submit all required content and signatures.

Download the Grant Reviewer Score Sheet

What are the Timelines for the Application?

November 26, 2018
No later than 5:00pm

Deadline for grant applications.

December 21, 2018

Grant recipients will be notified regarding selection. 

May 24, 2019

Deadline for final report and documentation. Grant recipients must submit their one-page impact report and required documentation. 

Past Grants

In the 2014-2015 school year, RBEF awarded $50,000 to RBUSD to fund the following teacher grants:

  • USS Iowa Battleship Field Trip

  • Orange County National College Fair

  • Digital Books to Enhance Research Projects

  • Vernier Probeware for Biology Classes

  • Spanish Language Mini-Novels

  • Clinical Lab Supplies for Physiology

  • Middle School Drumline Expansion Project

  • Dual Language Vocabulary Building Software

  • STEM Field Trip and Supplies for Lesson

  • Music Stands

  • Multi-Sensory Reading Intervention Program

  • College Campus Field Trips for Students with Special Needs

  • Light Board for Theatrical Events

  • WEB-Coordinator Training

In the 2013-2014 school year, RBEF awarded $50,000 to RBUSD to fund the following teacher grants:

  • Chinese Field Trip to 99 Ranch Market (RUHS)

  • Classroom Response Clickers (RUHS AP European History)

  • Up & Running: Science Lab for Special Education (RUHS)

  • Stand Up for College: Instrumental Music (All Elementary Schools)

  • Handwriting Without Tears (Lincoln)

  • Nonfiction Reading Promotes Students Success (Tulita)

  • Orange County National College Fair (RUHS)

  • A Lifetime of Literacy: Making Reading a Reality (Lincoln)

  • Expanding Band & Dance through Mentorship (RUHS)

  • VErnier LabQuest Interfaces & Physics Probeware & Sensors (RUHS)

  • LabQuest 2 Interfaces for Geoscience (RUHS)

  • E-books for Common Core to College and Career (RUHS)

  • WEB-Where Everyone Belongs at Middle School (Parras)

With the grant money that you awarded, we were able to successfully implement Handwriting Without Tears. This program helped all kindergarten and first grade teachers at Lincoln Elementary School to teach print concepts and efficient, legible handwriting. Thank you for helping close to 200 students and for making an important impact.
— Kelly Rodenkirch, RBUSD Occupational Therapist