US History (A) Classroom

US History (A) Classroom


1 Semester Class
Grades 11-12
Classroom Only

The class begins with a linking phase to review past learning (i.e. American Revolution, Constitution, Civil War, and Reconstruction). The major thrust of the course, however, begins with the Progressive era at the turn of the twentieth century. It will focus on the changing role of the United States in the global community, on the impact the twentieth century had upon American institutions and attitudes as well as the impact of the United State's growth as a super power in the world. The study of the twentieth century includes an integration of history and geography, literature, and cultural diversity.

Prerequisite: None                                                                                             Grade Improvement, Credit Recovery or Advancement
Note: Not recommended for advancement if student plans to pursue AP History courses in high school
Meets UC/CSU “A” requirement for A-G

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