Algebra 1 Prep

Algebra 1 Prep


Grades 9 and 10 (Classroom)

June 24-July 18 (4 weeks, no school on July 4th)

The Alegbra 1 Prep course is an introduction to basic algebra concepts and review of arithmetic algorithms. This course is designed to help students overcome weakness in preparation in mathematics emphasizing the concepts necessary to be successful in Algebra I and II. The course helps students to develop good mathematical study skills and learning strategies as an integral part of this course. The course begins with a brief review of the number system and operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimal, positive and negative numbers.  Eventually covering rational and linear exponents, ratios, proportions and percentage; solving simple and complex equations with one variable.

Note: The course will NOT count for high school elective credit because it is only 4 weeks (June 24 - July 18).

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