Credentialed Science Teachers

RBEF funded four credentialed teachers to work at our eight elementary schools as roving science teacher specialists in grades 3, 4, and 5. In addition to ongoing weekly science instruction from their classroom teacher, this program allows students to participate in a 45-55 minute weekly hands-on science lab and investigation with a science specialist. With the science teacher specialist and the general classroom teacher working together, students are better equipped to ask and develop meaningful questions, conduct and perform careful investigations, and develop important critical thinking skills. In the upcoming year, all classrooms will be expected to implement the Next Generation Science Standards which have been adopted by the state of California. We believe that having a strong core team of elementary science lab teachers to serve as teacher leaders within our district, will help us successfully take the leap into the Next Generation.

Chemistry Support

RBEF funded Chemistry Support for critical learners in the High School.  The High School science department monitored the success of students enrolled in each science course and they identified a group of 11th grade students that could benefit from extra support during their CP Chemistry class. The Chemistry Support class will feature direct instruction to strengthen the targeted math skills, direct instruction on some key chemistry concepts, and time for extra practice on Chemistry problems. The class will also strengthen general study skills. The funding was used to compensate a teacher for one period of their teaching assignment.

RBEF also continues to fund district wide Teacher Grants which provide grade level and department level teacher incentives to incorporate college and career readiness in the classrooms.  We have seen elementary STEM labs created, science equipment and interactive response systems utilized in classrooms, and student performances flourish. This grant program would continue to allow grade level or department teams of teachers the ability to apply for funds that would create innovative college and career readiness experiences for their students.