Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate to the investor drive?

Go to and make a one-time or monthly investment, drop a check in your school-site RBEF box, or mail in your investment.

Does the money invested through corporate matching programs count toward a family's investment amount/investor level?  

YES.  If the donor indicates the gift will be matched when they make the donation AND the company’s matching gift program does not prohibit recognition.  Investors need to submit a matching gift to their company.

How is my donor wall level determined? 

Last year was the first time RBEF put up donor walls.  Matching gifts were not used when calculating donor levels.  This year, matching gifts will be used to calculate donor levels provided the matching company’s rules do not prohibit. If you make a monthly donation, the total amount of your monthly donations will determine your donor wall level.

Does any investment in addition to the annual investor drive count toward a family's investor level? For example... Purchase of gala tickets, purchase of silent auction items? If not, why not?  

Only investments made to the Investor Drive along with any qualifying matching investments will count toward the Investor Drive.  RBEF, like PTA, conducts multiple events.  These are separate campaigns.  Each event is recorded and recognized separately.  In addition, investors are receiving something for event ticket purchases and auction items.  While a portion of proceeds do go to RBEF, IRS law dictates that it is not a 100% deductible donation.  

How will my name appear on the donor walls?

When you make your investment, we ask you to please specify how you would like your name to appear. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, you can indicate that as well. All donations made through the 31st of December will be recognized. 

How is school participation determined?

Any investment made to the Investor Drive counts as participation regardless of the donation amount.  We are counting per student and use the count of students at each school site given to us by the district to determine the percentage of participation.

Who gets RBEF Community Reports and E-Blasts?

RBEF has an email database that includes every parent in the district regardless of their participation in RBEF events.  If you do not receive it and would like to, please email

RBEF has an office now.  Has your address changed?

RBEF has office space at the South Bay Adult School located at 3401 Inglewood Avenue.  The office is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  E-mail if you want to visit during other times.  When mailing investments, please continue to use 405 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 310 Redondo Beach, CA90277.