Inspiring books for your artist child


From their first early crayon scribbles or Play-Doh creations, some children have a flair for the arts at an early age. Thanks to brilliant teams of authors and illustrators, there are plenty of books for young artists to draw inspiration from. Help foster their creativity with these inspiring books for young artistic children!

-          Katie and the Mona Lisa – James Mayhew

Katie visits an art gallery with grandmother – and steps into five famous renaissance paintings. The book, which is one in a series of 13, will inspire kids to look closely at art and think about how and why art is created.

-           My Museum  – Joanne Liu

My Museum tells the story of a young boy visiting an art museum for the first time. When the crowds – and his size – make it difficult to see pieces on display, the boy discovers that art is all around him. This book can help inspire young children to see the art in their everyday lives.

-          Keith Haring: The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing - Kay A. Haring

The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing tells the story of modern art icon Keith Haring. Written by the artist’s sister, it tells the story of his childhood, how he discovered and fostered his love of drawing, and his eventual rise to fame.

-          Ish – Peter H. Reynolds

Ramon loves to draw – until the day his older brother laughs at one of his sketches. Trying to make his drawings “right” only leads to a collection of crumpled up papers on the floor. Luckily, his younger sister helps encourage Ramon to embrace the “ish” of his favorite pastime. One part of a Creatrilogy including The Dot and Sky Color.

-          The Great Big Art History Colouring Book  - Annabelle Von Sperber

This large scale coloring book is equal parts educational and entertaining! Kids of all ages will enjoy spending hours illustrating scenes and coloring some of the world’s most famous masterpieces.

-          Beautiful Oops – Barney Saltzberg

Beautiful Oops tells an important lesson for budding artists – it’s okay to make mistakes! An interactive book with crumpled pages, holes, tears, pop ups, and more, Beautiful Oops will help children learn how to turn their smudges and spills into fantastical parts of their artistic endeavors.

-          Kid Artists: True Tales of Childhood from Creative Legends - David Stabler

Every artist starts somewhere; Kid Artists reveals the history and childhoods of a number of famous artists. Kids will be inspired as they learn about how the artists overcame their childhood challenges, from Jackson Pollock moving eight times or Jean-Michel Basquiat dealing with living in poverty.