Apps for SAT and ACT test prep


From qualifying for scholarships or meeting the requirement for admission at certain universities, SAT and ACT scores are an important part of the college admissions process. Because of this, high school students can feel stressed by the pressure surrounding these tests.

Studying for these tests used to be limited to expensive review courses, private tutors, or enormous study books, but teens can now prep straight from their smartphones. Although smartphones may not replace paper practice tests altogether, these apps for SAT and ACT prep make it easier than ever for students to study for their college admissions tests!

-          Khan Academy

Apple Store  / Google Play

The motto of Khan Academy is “You can learn anything. For free. Forever.” With more than 10,000 videos and explanations, 40,000 common core aligned questions, and 150,000 interactive exercise, Khan Academy provides the opportunity to review the basics or dive in-depth into specific subjects. Users can search for specific topics, bookmark exercises for offline practice, and sync their progress across devices and on to keep their progress up to date.

-          ACT Flashcards - Magoosh

Apple Store  / Google Play

This free app is designed to cover the basics for the English, Math, and Science sections of the ACT. Flashcards cover over 200 key words and concepts, as well as offer explanations and examples for each. Magoosh also carries an SAT-specific version of the app.

-          Daily Practice for the SAT  - The College Board

Apple Store / Google Play

Created by the makers of the SAT, Daily Practice provides official practice questions for quick and easy review. The app allows users to track their stats to see their progress over time, access the archives of previous questions, and sort questions by difficulty.

-          The Grading Game

Apple Store

While the app might not be specific to the SAT or ACT, it is one of the most unique – and fun – ways to review for the writing and English portions of these exams. Users must beat the clock to find errors in writing samples including spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Game-based play will keep students engaged and coming back for more as they progress through the levels.

-          ACT Prep – Ready4

Apple Store / Google Play

More than 1,500 practice questions with detailed question explanation make this a great app for review on the go. Detailed score analysis and analytics allows users to track their progress and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Ready4 also has a SAT Prep version of the app