How RBEF supports teachers


Our mission at the Redondo Beach Educational Foundational (RBEF) is to raise money to supplement state funds for staff and instructional programs in all RBUSD schools. Part of creating opportunities to raise well-rounded children is to supply the teachers in our community with resources to support the whole child development. RBEF awards $50,000 in teachers grant each year! To apply for the Teacher’s Grant visit this page: Applications due November 16th.


See how RBEF provided for elementary and high school teachers in our community 2017:

Tulita Elementary Schoolreceived a $5,000 grant from RBEF that will provide each classroom with 1-2 standing desks and will enable teachers to rotate students in and out as they feel their energy and attention spans waning. Congratulations Dr. TanazBruna for winning this grant!

Beryl Elementary obtained a $3,000 from RBEF for their 2nd Grade Next Generation Science Lab. This grant will fund Science Labs for each 2nd grade classroom and this will enable teachers and students to plan and carry out investigation collaboratively. Congratulations Christine Benoff for your success!

Madison Elementary School won a $5,500 grant from RBEF for Integrated STEM Instruction. Congratulations Melissa Smith for receiving this grant that will support the development of Next Generation Science standards for special needs students by connecting science experiments to literacy.             

Adams Middle Schoolreceived a $4,800 grant from RBEF! Congratulations Mary Vallejo, the recipient of this grant. The grant will fund a Science Lab on the Go! This initiative will put a science lab in the hand of the student and will enable them to measure distance, acceleration, angular velocity, magnetic field, attitude, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and light intensity.

Parras Middle School won a $20,400 grant from RBEF! Congratulations to all teachers who have received this grant. The recipients and initiatives funded are as follows:

·         Valerie Pomella - $4,500 grant for theater arts supplies and materials for Middle School Drama program.

·         Jessica Hooper - $5,000 grant for Teaching Tolerance. This grant will be used towards a field trip to the Museum of Tolerance and a visit to the Anne Frank exhibit for all 8th Grade Students to broaden their world view and further their understanding of the human experience.

·         Amy Beran - $5,000 grant for promoting Classroom Recycling by providing recycling receptacles in every classroom, workroom, snack/lunch areas, office and student areas.  

·         Bridget Gray - $2,900 grant for the Upstanders for Health and the Environment initiative. This grant will be used towards a cross-curricular gardening project for 6th graders to investigate a living laboratory and implement student-led solutions for environmental concerns.

·         Kate Hastings - $3,000 grant for Equipping Science Students with 21st Century Skills for College and Beyond. The grant will fund the purchase of materials for laboratory experiments that integrate the Next Generational Science standards.


The Redondo Union High School won $9,650 in grants awarded by RBEF? Congratulations to all teachers who have received this grant! The recipients and initiatives funded are as follows:

·         Jessica Variz received a $2,950 grant, which will provide Podcast Recording Kits for Real Research, Collaborative Creativity, and an Authentic Audience. The recording and sound editing equipment will transform students’ Chromebooks into podcast recording studios, and transform 12th grade researchers into collaborative content creators.

·         Melissa Staab obtained a $3,200 grant, which will fund a Sound and Projection System for Blackbox Theater Productions and Drama Classroom. It will help to increase the effectiveness of instruction and college readiness through technology and real world skills, such as performance and technical experience.

·         Matthew Keye is the recipient of a $3,000 RBEF grant dedicated to Discovering the Foundations of Motion. The grant will support experiential learning thought laboratory experiments for physics and engineering students.         

·         Shannon Rodriguez secured a $500 grant for a National College Fair Trip at the Anaheim Convention Center. This trip will provide students the opportunity to meet one-on-one with college/university representatives to discuss admissions and financial aid opportunities.  

·         Aimee Spector received a $1,000 grant for Lifelong Training for College and Job Readiness. This one-year project will allow students to be involved in a variety of on- and off-campus activities that will help develop and reinforce skills needed for college and workplace success                     

Redondo Shores High School - Unique Campa obtained a $1,150 grant for the school. The grant will promote Cross-Curricular Integration Through Grammy Museum Field Trip. Students will engage in a cross-curricular unit integrating music into the visual arts program, which will culminate in a trip to the Grammy Museum to participate in a workshop provided by the museum. Congratulations Unique Campa!