How To Prepare For A Parent Teacher Conference

Attending your child’s parent-teacher conference is very important, as they allow parents to see how well their child’s progress, learning, and behavior is in school. However, it can be difficult for parents to appropriately communicate concerns to teachers, especially if a child is not doing well in learning or behavior. To help get prepared for your child’s conference, here are a few things to think about:

Before the Conference

Make sure that before the conference, you look through your student’s homework and test scores to gain a good understanding of where they’re at academically. Talk to your child about where you’re going, and ask them how they feel about school and if they have anything they would like you to bring up during the conference.

Have A Dialogue

It’s important to have a two-way conversation between yourself and the teacher, with both sides talking and listening during the conference. Make sure you listen as the teacher explains your child’s grades, attendance, test scores, and behavior. Ask questions and provide insight into your child’s needs, interests, and tendencies.

Focus On Learning

Place an emphasis on learning throughout the conversation. Stay focused on the improvement and progress, and how your child can excel in the classroom. Remember, you both want your child to do well in school, and now is the time to discuss how that can be achieved during the conference.

Help At Home

Ask your child’s teacher what you can do to help their learning at home, and ways you can support your child after school hours. Ask about any additional programs or services that might help your student succeed, and be open to different kinds of support that will advance their progress.