Helping Students Prepare For Homecoming

Homecoming is an exciting time of fun activities and cherished school memories. To help your students have a great homecoming while making good choices, here are a few ways to prepare for the event:

Be Tuned In

Make sure you stay informed on all homecoming activities, as your child will most likely leave out information. Know the activities schedule, including the starting and ending times of the game and dance. Find out the rules or policies for each event, and get all of the details to ensure that you are in the know. You can find this information by looking online at the school website, or by asking teachers and parents.

Have A Good Plan In Place

Plan out which events your child will be attending and who they will be going with. Figure out who will be driving, what time your child will be picked up, and what time they will be coming back. Have a fail-safe plan set, so that your child knows who to call and what to do if they find themselves in an emergency situation.

Set Expectations

Talk to your child about proper behavior that is to be expected during the homecoming activities, including respecting curfew and not taking part in any illegal activities.

Stay Connected

Make sure that everyone is on the same page with the schedule that has been set. Make sure that your child takes a cell phone, or has a phone available, so that they can be reached (and reach out to you) if needed!