Helping students get back into their study groove after a long summer break

No matter how much they love school, transitioning from summer break back into the classroom can be difficult for many students. After several months out of school, it’s important to jump back into regular routines as soon as possible to get the year off to a good start. Below are three strategies to help students get back into the groove after summer break!

1.              Practice routines before school starts

If your children have been sleeping in until 10 or 11 (or even later) every morning during the summer, the first 6 a.m. alarm can be a rude wake up call. Help prepare students for their school year schedule by slowly adjusting bed and wake up times in the weeks before school starts. Moving up morning alarms by 10-15 minutes every few days can help students ease into their school schedules.

Having a “dry run” of the first day of school can also help make the first morning back go smoother. Practice getting up, dressed, having breakfast, gathering supplies, and heading out the door the morning before the first day; practicing it a day early can help the actual first day of school feel less stressful and hectic.

2.              Create a study plan

Even though the first few weeks of school tend to be light on homework and tests, help students get back into the groove of school by creating a study plan. Estimate how much time homework will take each night and begin blocking off study time in the evenings; even if there are no assignments that need to be done, this pre-planned homework time can still be used for reviewing old material, working ahead, or quiet reading.

As soon as the schedules for papers, tests, projects, and other major assignments are given, put the dates into an easily accessible calendar. Seeing visual reminders of the due dates for projects can prevent last minute cramming and make the school year less stressful.

3.              Don’t forget time for fun!

Even children can have overwhelming schedules between school, homework, sports, clubs, volunteering, part-time jobs, and more. To prevent stress and keep kids from burning out early in the school year, make sure to schedule time for fun. Avoid the back-to-school blues by scheduling fun activities or outings such as weekend day trips or special weeknight activities. Likewise, plan to do something fun after homework is completed, such as playing video games or eating a yummy dessert. Planning for fun can give

students something to look forward to and a reason to complete homework quickly!