Student Politics and The Student Council Today

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Student Council elections have come a long way from the popularity contests they are often perceived to have been in the past. Instead, modern student politics is made up of diverse students with unique ideas and insights, all working together to make their schools and their communities’ better places to live, work, and play.

Schools throughout the Redondo Beach Unified School District have groups such as Student Council and ASB, or Associated Student Body. These groups empower students to help their peers, school, and community while helping them gain valuable leadership experience.

ASB at Redondo Union High School

ASB [] is one of the largest and most important student groups at Redondo Union High School. With nearly 50 members from a variety of grades and backgrounds, ASB is able to represent a wide range of the student body. Each grade is represented by a President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer; the ASB cabinet also has these same positions. Other positions include important roles such as School Board Representative and Technology Commissioners.

The purpose of ASB is best described by their mission statement: “We, the members of the Redondo Union High School Student Body, in order to positively promote the student welfare, achieve unity among ourselves, advance the spirit and traditions of Redondo Union High School both scholastically and athletically, develop a stronger and more democratic government for the betterment of our school, do hereby ordain and establish this constitution.”

Student Council and ASB at other schools

Many other schools throughout the district also have student council or ASB groups to help aid the student body. At Adams Middle School, the Student Council is composed of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who plan and coordinate school functions such as spirit assemblies, dances, fundraisers, and academic achievement parties.

Students at Redondo Shores High School also participate in student council through their ASB Leadership Class . With a focus on team building, developing leadership skills, and improving speaking, writing, and interpersonal communication, this ASB class is helping RSHS students become the future leaders of tomorrow.

Student politics and student council are important tools that can help students gain leadership experience, while building their interpersonal communication and problem solving skills.