Getting Ready for Summer Break

With just a few short weeks left in the school year, students and teachers - and parents! - are busy getting ready for summer break. While most students are excited for the time away from the classroom, it can still be a major transition. The following tips will help you get your child ready for summer break.

1.       Prepare for break

Help children prepare for the transition to summer break by creating a countdown to summer calendar and discussing the camps or activities they will be participating in over the summer. Likewise, younger children will enjoy reading books about school breaks and summer vacation.

2.       Discuss expectations

Many students view summer vacation as a break from doing anything. To avoid a summer wasted on the couch, discuss your expectations with your child before schools gets out: what chores do they still need to do? How much screen time are they allowed to have? For older children, how much time will they spend working or volunteering?  Discussing expectations in advance can help prevent conflict once summer break arrives.

3.       Choose activities together

Staying busy with sports, camps, and other activities is a great way to help summer break fly by. Get your child involved by letting them pick activities that they might be interested in. The Redondo Beach Parks andRecreation Activities Guide is a great resource for programs for children of all ages.

4.       Don’t forget about friends

Being away from friends is the worst part of summer vacation for many children. For younger students, setting up summer playdates with friends before school lets out helps children know they will get to see their friends soon. Likewise, kids of all ages will enjoy making a scrapbook of photos or mementos from the past school year.

5.       Ask the teacher

If you still aren’t sure how to help your child transition from school to summer, ask their teacher. Your child’s teacher may have resources, tips, or tricks to make the transition easier. Likewise, teachers can recommend books or activities to help your child avoid the summer brain drain over break.