Preparing a Student for Their Senior Year of High School

Senior year can be an exciting - and overwhelming - time for many students. Between the many “lasts” they will experiencing along with the pressure to make it a year to remember, senior year can be filled with highs, lows, and plenty of nerves. However, with college just around the corner it is important that students stay focused on their goal of getting to graduation. The following tips can help students as they prepare for their final year of high school.

Stay focused on academics

Three years of hard work doesn’t give you the right to slack off in the home stretch. While some early admission applications will be due during the fall semester, most college applications will include your first semester grades. Students should be aware, however, that your final transcripts will eventually make their way to the college of your choice, and being admitted doesn’t guarantee they won’t notice a dip in your grades; colleges have been known to rescind admission [] to students whose grades took a serious downturn.

Get organized early

Senior year is arguably one of the busiest years of high school. Between college admissions, academics, extracurricular activities, jobs, sports, and volunteering, it can be hard to keep track of all the dates and deadlines. Keeping a detailed daily agenda can help you stay on track of homework and tests, while a month-to-month calendar can keep you on top of admission deadlines.

Start your applications sooner than you think

Even though the deadlines are still months away, it is important to start working on your college applications as soon as possible. Most schools have their own unique applications with varying requirements; if you are applying to eight schools you could wind up with eight unique essays to write. Likewise, it can take time to gather transcripts, get letters of recommendations, and finalize your resume; by starting to work on your applications early, you can avoid the stress - and mistakes - that come with waiting until the last minute.

Make time for memories

While academics and college admissions are important, senior year is also about having fun! It can also be an emotional time as your prepare to say goodbye to the teachers, coaches, and classmates that you’ve known for four years - if not longer. Make sure to carve time out of your schedule to spend with friends, whether it be cheering on the team at a sports game or meeting up to eat at your favorite local restaurant.