How to Keep Your Studies Current Over the Summer Break

How To Keep Your Studies Current Over The Summer Break

When the last bell rings and signals the beginning of summer vacation, most students are all too eager to start forgetting everything they spent the year learning. However, years of research have shown that the “summer slide” can have negative outcomes on learning and school performance.

Keeping current on your studies during the summer doesn’t have to mean hours spent reading textbooks or practicing math problems. Instead, look for fun and creative ways to incorporate learning with exciting and engaging activities. This year, prevent summer brain drain by trying one - or more - of these five ideas for how to keep up with your studies over summer break.

Visit the local library

Libraries are more than just a place to check out books; in addition to the seemingly endless supply of free reading material, many libraries offer special programs such as guest lecturers or classes on topics such as creative writing. Likewise, ask about signing up for a summer reading program, which can reward you for checking out books and reading during the summer months.

Go on field trips

With the extra downtime in the summer, take the opportunity to explore some of the area’s art galleries, museums, and other historical sights. You might find yourself surprised at how many interesting sites are just short drives away! These family field trips don’t have to be planned in advance - and no permission slips are needed.

Play school

Young children have incredible imaginations; encourage creative play - and practice their schoolwork - by playing school together. Having the kids teach the parents can them practice and better understand the concepts and ideas they learned during the school year. Not only that, but parents might be surprised at what they learn!

Have purposeful screen time

Too often kids can spend their summer vacation planted in front of the tablet or computer. Instead of banning screen time, allow kids to play educational video and computer games. Websites like can help parents find educational games for everything for different grade levels and subject areas. Many of the games are so fun kids will forget they’re educational at all!

Find practical applications

Finding practical applications for what kids learn during the school year serves two purposes; not only does it keep their studies current, but it also emphasizes the importance of what they are learning. Kids with a summer job, for example, can practice math skills by calculating interest rates on their earnings. Likewise, finding a pen pal can help practice reading, writing, spelling, and handwriting. Siblings will also enjoy competing against each other in a virtual stock market game.