Holiday art project ideas for kids


The holiday season is the perfect time for kids to make fun, creative art projects. These festive keepsakes can be used as decorations, gifts, and keepsakes for years to come. Below are just a few of our favorite holiday art projects that kids of all ages will enjoy!


•   Holiday countdown paper chains: If you’re tired of being asked how many days until Christmas, a countdown paper chain can be a fun and practical way to pass the time. Repurpose old magazines, greeting cards, or other paper by cutting it into strips before coloring and gluing or taping together to form a paper chain. Simply remove one link each day to count down the days until your winter holiday or event; when the chain runs out, the big day has arrived! Paper chains can also be a fun and easy way for kids to create their own garlands using fun colors and patterns.

•   Salt dough ornaments: Using materials you already have in your kitchen, bake up a batch of handmade salt dough ornaments! The creative possibilities are endless; while young children can make their hand or footprints, older kids will enjoy cutting out fun shapes or unique designs. After baking, paint or decorate your ornament to create a one-of-a-kind gift or keepsake.

•   Recycled wreath: Using old cardboard tubes from toilet paper or paper towel rolls create a custom holiday wreath! Cut the cardboard into short, even lengths before gluing together. Paint, ribbons, glitter, and other decorations can be added to create something totally unique! Leftover tubes can also be painted green and stacked to create a cardboard Christmas tree.

•   Repurpose wrapping paper: If holiday gift exchanges left you with a mountain of wrapping paper, come up with some creative ways to repurpose it before chucking it into the recycling bin. Unwrinkled paper can be used to line shelves and drawers, make folders, or even fold into bows. Paper too crinkled to flatten out? Cut it into strips to be used as New Year’s Eve confetti – or simply save it for use as a packing material when delicate holiday décor gets put back into boxes in January.