Educational toys and gadgets for students

The holiday gift-giving season gives parents the perfect opportunity to find presents that are both educational and fun. The following are just a few of the many educational gadgets to gift your child!


•   Early childhood: Young child learn best when using their imaginations, so skip the electronics and pick toys that allow them to move, build, explore, and play. Dress up outfits, building blocks, wooden puzzles, are all good choices for this age range. Is your child already technology obsessed? Try an assisted reader such as those from vTech or Leapfrog.

•   Elementary: Help elementary aged students build their skills in math and reading with educational toys that feel like play, not work. Inchimnals, for example, are stacking blocks that help children improve math skills such as addition, subtraction, and even balancing equations! Letter stamps can also be a fun way for kids to practice their spelling and phonics while making their own creative art projects.

•   Middle school: Help middle school students stay interested in science and math with fun STEM-based toys. This 14-in-1 robot for example, is solar powered and can transform in to one of 14 different shapes. In doing so, children learn the basics of robotics – while having fun.

•   High school: Shopping for a teenager can be tricky at the best of times. Adult coloring books, strategy board games such as Settlers of Catan, or science themed gifts like a classic chemistry set are all fun enough for even the surliest teen to play with.


Skip over the toys that beep and whir for no reason and shop instead for fun, educational gifts this holiday season. Not only will your child be having too much fun to know they’re learning, but you can feel good about giving them a gift that will help reinforce and advance what they are learning in school. For more great resources for educational toys, check out websites like Mindware and more.