The Redondo Beach Educational Foundation was formed in 1991 by a group of concerned parents and community leaders. They realized that an excellent school system could not rely on state funding alone and set out on a mission to lift the level of education for all Redondo Beach students. With an all-volunteer staff, RBEF was able to increase annual funds raised each year. Poised to reach the million dollar mark in 2012, RBEF brought on its first staff member, Dr. Danielle Allphin, as a part-time Executive Director to assist the volunteer board and maximize the organization's growth and potential. In 2014 and in 2015, RBEF raised over a million dollars and is now assisted by its Executive Director, Raymur Flinn. RBEF continues to Raise the Tide with community-based fundraising that brings much-needed financial support to each Redondo Beach public school.

RBUSD provides our students and staff the ‘value added’ piece to the learning puzzle. With the State’s decline in public education funding, it’s RBEF that has come to our rescue. Without RBEF’s influence and financial resources, RBUSD is a lesser school district.
— Dr. Steven Keller, RBUSD Superintendent