6th Grade Summer Bridge Course

6th Grade Summer Bridge Course


Incoming 6th Grade Students

The purpose of the 6th Grade Summer Bridge Program coursework support the onboard incoming 6th grade students to a smooth transition to middle school. With this enriching experience, it will prepare in the critical jump from elementary to middle school.

The objective of the Summer Bridge program is to support the whole child in the development of their physical, social-emotional, creative, and intellectual growth, while establishing the foundation for lifelong learning through a thematic, project-based approach to learning. Curriculum will be integrated with the purpose of learning through projects, critical thinking applications, learning centers, and activities that reflect current interests of the students. Incoming sixth grade students will receive grade-appropriate reading, math, arts, and science/social studies lessons integrated around a central theme as selected by the instructor. In addition to grade-appropriate academic curriculum, students will engage in lessons that enhance their study skills, team-building collaborative activities, stress-reduction activities, organizational skills, all with the four C’s of a 21st century learner in mind: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.

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