You Invested.

This is How RBEF Helped Our Kids, Our Community, and Our Legacy.

  • Music: Band and Vocal Music Teachers | Middle School vocal music enrichment programs | Music Center Artists in Residency Programs for elementary schools
  • STEM: Lab Science Teachers | Common Core Math Coaching for Teachers
  • Sports: Intramural Sports for middle school
  • College Readiness: College field trips for elementary, middle school, and high school students | College readiness parent education | Early participation college aptitude tests | Teacher grant for innovative approaches to promote college readiness

find out how much your school invested.

During our Fall 2016 Investor Drive, Redondo Beach families helped RBEF raise close to $350,000 out of the $1.5 million raised for the year. 

See how your school contributed during last year's Investor Drive.

Adams- $20,548

Alta Vista- $39,299

Beryl- $24,102

Birney- $26,941

Jefferson- $33,808

Lincoln- $30,683

Madison- $14,800

Parras- $45,180

RUHS- $45,754

Shores- $1,187

Tulita- $27,277

Washington- $35,898