You Invested.

This is How RBEF Helped Our Kids, Our Community, and Our Legacy.

  • Lab Science Teachers
  • Common Core Math Coaching for Teachers
  • Vocal Music Teacher
  • Band Teacher
  • Teacher grant for innovative approaches to promote college readiness
  • College field trips for elementary, middle school, and high school students
  • Early participation college aptitude tests
  • College readiness parent education
  • Intramural Sports for middle school
  • Middle school vocal music enrichment programs
  • Music Center Artists in Residency Programs for the elementary Schools

find out how much your school invested.

During our Fall 2016 Investor Drive, Redondo Beach families helped RBEF raise close to $350,000 out of the $1.5 million raised for the year. 

See how your school contributed during this year's Investor Drive.

Adams- $20,548

Alta Vista- $39,299

Beryl- $24,102

Birney- $26,941

Jefferson- $33,808

Lincoln- $30,683

Madison- $14,800

Parras- $45,180

RUHS- $45,754

Shores- $1,187

Tulita- $27,277

Washington- $35,898