Frequently Asked Questions


What is RBEF?

Established in 1991, the Redondo Beach Educational Foundation continues the tradition of the very first educational foundation in California, which began as a grass roots effort by concerned parents and community leaders whose mission was to provide supplemental funding of enrichment programs. In the summer of 2008, a new RBEF Board of Trustees was formed to rebuild, re-brand and revitalize this much needed community organization. RBEF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, which provides financial support to RBUSD in order to enrich the educational experience of all students in the district. We take over where limited public resources leave off. RBEF works hard to bridge the community, civic leaders and businesses so that Redondo Beach public schools maintain academic, athletic and artistic excellence.

Who is RBEF?

RBEF is a mostly an all-volunteer organization. We are parents, community leaders and everyday citizens trying to make a difference in our public school system.

I do not have a student in the schools. Why should I care about RBEF?
A major priority of many homebuyers is the reputation of the city’s public schools. Simply put, great schools equal higher property values and help keep business in our city.

Do the funds raised by RBEF go to all the schools?

Absolutely! RBEF raises funds for all the schools and distributes resources equally among school levels. We are here to enhance our children’s educational experience and provide an exceptional and consistent education for all the children in our schools. 

How does RBEF raise funds?

RBEF has fundraising opportunities throughout the year, including our new and improved Investor Drive (Annual Ask), Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk, Mayor’s Golf Tournament, and our Spring Gala. We also work closely with corporate business partners that provide donations and matching gift programs.

Does RBEF target funds for specific programs?

Yes. We currently support areas that help build “the whole child” at our schools. These programs include art education, college preparation, science, intermural sports, music, and math. We also reward RBUSD teachers with mini-grants once a year.

Who runs RBEF?

Our Board of Trustees is made up mostly of parents of children in the school district.  They represent many school sites and bring a range of expertise including law, financial services, communications, technology, and many more.

What is the difference between RBEF and the PTA?

RBEF and PTAs work together supporting our children and the success of RBUSD. Each one has a very important role in the education of our children and the strength of our district. 

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a member-based student-teacher advocacy organization that works closely with lawmakers to shape policy that further the education, physical and mental health of our children. They promote the collaboration and engagement of families and educators in the education of children. Also, our PTAs have donated much needed material resources to their schools.

The goal of RBEF is to raise funds and donate resources directly to RBUSD supporting mostly staff required programs, such as science teachers, music and vocal teachers, etc. The programs we support cover all grades, K-12, and ensure that every elementary and middle school in our district receives the same programs and education at each grade level. Since all students in RBUSD feed into the same high school, proper funding for every school is critical to maintaining academic excellence.

How can I get involved in RBEF?

There are many ways and levels to get involved! The success of RBEF is dependent upon those who give their time and tax-deductible donations. We hope that you, your family or business will help support our current events and investor drive.

Also, please contact your Site Advocate to see how you can help RBEF at your school site or possibly at our next event. 

Why give to RBEF if we are already paying for bond measures and supporting our school PTA/PTSA?

Bond dollars must be spent on capital improvements (facilities, technology equipment, etc.) PTA/PTSA dollars support advocacy and enrichment programs at each school and they are restricted by local, state, and national policies (i.e. PTA must provide 3 family events to offset every fundraiser because they are primarily an advocacy organization rather than a fundraising organization, and PTA cannot hire teachers or staff, etc.)
RBEF dollars may fund programs and staff district-wide. We are the only source of additional funding that may fund teachers and staff.

**Bond dollars create great facilities, PTA dollars create great school communities and resources, RBEF funds the programs and staff to maximize the learning for our students in those great facilities and great communities**